Understanding the 99 Names of Allah SWT: A Guide to Choosing the Right Islamic Books for Your Children

Do you want your kids to understand the 99 names of Allah SWT but you find it difficult to choose the right resources? 

As parents and guardians, we want the best for our kids when it comes to choosing the right books. We want books that instill a deep connection with Allah SWT in their hearts without losing interest in what they are reading. At Nurify Books, we go beyond the traditional methods and present a creative and engaging approach to Islamic education. By incorporating the 99 names of Allah SWT within relatable stories, we ensure that children not only memorize but also understand the significance and application of each holy name in their daily lives.

Thus, we introduce “A Precious Gift for New Beginnings” by Nurify Books. This book not only teaches Islamic values that reflect the 99 names of Allah SWT but it is also personalised for children, allowing them to grasp the essence of each name. 

The book “A Precious Gift for New Beginnings” by Nurify Books will provide your children with a different reading experience, leaving them with a valuable lesson. 

  1. Embody Islamic Values: In this book, your children will learn various Islamic values that reflect the attributes and qualities of Allah SWT. It will also educate your kids on the simple acts they can do to manifest these values.
  1. Strengthen Family Relationship: If there is another unique thing about this book is the fact that it also strengthens family relationships. Aside from being able to do storytelling with your children using this book, it also teaches the significance of family when it comes to shaping a child’s character, and this book exactly does that.
  1. Child-Appropriate: Children are naturally curious individuals but they can also easily lose interest in things, especially in books. Now, it’s good that Nurify Books, especially the book, A Precious Gift for New Beginnings, can ignite spark and interest in children. This is because not only the content is meaningful and educational, but it is also tailored for children, and they can easily connect to the character and story without feeling pressured or overwhelmed by the story.

Choosing the right Islamic books for your children is a crucial step in their path to understanding and learning Islamic concepts, including the 99 names of Allah SWT. At Nurify Books, we share the same sentiment. We understand the importance and need to choose the right Islamic books for your children. Hence, we developed books that are age-appropriate, creative, and curated for the interests of your children. 

Nurify Books has also incorporated interactive activities for each book. These activities include comprehension activities, relatable stories, and colorful illustrations. Nurify Books stands as a beacon of wisdom, offering comprehensive and accessible resources that can guide your children on their journey to understanding their Islamic identity. Parents, seize this opportunity to nurture your child’s spiritual growth with Nurify Books.

Get a copy of this book and make your Islamic journey transformative by visiting www.Nurify-Books.co.uk.

Here at Nurify Books, we bring you a journey into the heart of compassion. Let’s make this journey a Nurify adventure for our little ones! 

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