Building Knowledge: Your Guide to Teaching Your Child the 99 Names of Allah SWT

With the ever-changing and dynamic modern education introduced to our children, introducing them to Islamic teachings and concepts is crucial in building their fascination and understanding of Islamic Education. 

With Nurify Books, we are in the same boat. We want the best for our children, so we created books that are curated for their needs and to deepen their understanding of Islam. One of the most effective and transformative ways to start your child’s journey to Islamic Education is teaching them the profound beauty of the 99 names of Allah SWT. 

How do Nurify Books help your children in understanding the 99 Names of Allah SWT?

  1. The Power of His Names

The 99 Names of Allah SWT, also known as Asma-ul-Husna, are more than just words. These names reflect the essence and beauty of the Almighty.  As parents, we want our children to understand and live by these names; knowing that each name carries a unique attribute and lesson. 

  1. Teaching Through Stories

Nurify Books can become your trusted companions on this enlightening journey. Through beautifully illustrated stories, your children can discover and appreciate the meanings behind each name. At Nurify Books, we create tales that bring the names to life, creating a vivid connection that transcends rote memorization.

  1. The Magic of Interactive Learning

Nurify Books contain interactive and personalised elements that stimulate your child’s interests. Books can become boring, but with Nurify Book’s personalised features, where your child can customize a character’s skin color to the headpiece, your child is involved in the learning process, making it more authentic and meaningful for them. Imagine your children having fun customizing characters, coloring illustrations, and answering interactive activities while learning the 99 names of Allah SWT and other enchanting stories introduced by the Nurifu Books. These interactive components became a stepping stone in their exploration of the divine attributes.

  1. Building Character and Values

The 99 Names of Allah SWT aren’t just a list for your child to memorize; they are a guide to righteous living. Through the stories, our children absorb values like patience, gratitude, and compassion. The divine names became a moral compass, shaping their character in alignment with Islamic teachings. 

  1. Family Bonding through Learning

Incorporating the 99 Names of Allah SWT into our children’s education became a family affair. Nurify Books aims to strengthen family bonding and create memories with your families that are anchored on Islamic teachings. As a family, you can gather for storytelling sessions, discussing the meanings and sharing personal reflections. This collective journey not only strengthened our family bonds but also created a supportive environment for their spiritual growth. You can also make them choose from Nurify Books’ wide selection of books to feed their curious young minds. 

You can make the teaching of the 99 Names of Allah SWT creative and amusing for your children. With the help of Nurify Books, you can make it a transformative experience for your children. 

Don’t miss out on this enchanting journey with Nurify Books by visiting our website at, and join us in this adventure!

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