Inspiring Lessons from the Story of Prophet Ibrahim AS

Have you narrated the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to your kids? 

The blessed month of Dhul Hijja is the perfect time for Muslim families to reflect on the incredible story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). This story is filled with wonderful lessons that we can share with our children. 

We, at the Nurify Books, are determined to share some key lessons and how you can discuss them with your kids in simple, engaging ways.

  1. The Importance of Faith

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is a perfect example of unwavering faith in Allah SWT. It’s also the perfect story to teach your kids about faith and sacrifice. 

You can share with your children how he stood firm in his belief, even when it was challenging. Ask them questions like, “How do you think Prophet Ibrahim (AS) felt when he was tested?” This can lead to a discussion about staying strong in their faith, no matter what challenges they face.

  1. The Value of Sacrifice

One of the most significant aspects of Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) story is his willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS), because Allah ordered it.

In our family, we explained to our children how this teaches us about making sacrifices in our own lives. Ask, “What is something you would find hard to give up? Why?” This helps them understand the concept of sacrifice in a relatable way.

  1. The Importance of Obedience

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) always obeyed Allah SWT’s commands, no matter how difficult. 

Talk to your children about the importance of obedience to Allah SWT and our parents. You can relate it to their daily lives by asking, “Why do you think it’s important to listen to our parents and teachers?”

  1. Trust in Allah

Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) trust in Allah SWT was unshakeable. He knew that Allah SWT’s plans were always for the best. 

Encourage your children to trust in Allah’s wisdom and plan for their lives. Share stories from your own life where you trusted Allah SWT and saw His wisdom unfold. This makes the lesson more personal and relatable.

  1. Family Relationship

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) also highlights the strong relationship of his family. He and his son, Ismail (AS), worked together to build the Kaaba.

You can discuss with your children how important family is and how working together makes us stronger. Ask, “What are some things we can do as a family to help each other?”

Narrating the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) during Dhul Hijja is a meaningful way to teach your children about valuable Islamic values such as faith, patience, sacrifice, obedience, trust in Allah SWT, and family relationships. 

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