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Welcome to Nurify Books!

World’s Most Personalised Islamic childrens Books.

The child is the hero of their own book with over 1,000 unique variations.

Statistically Proven

A personalised book is 40% more than engaging than a non personalised book.

High Quality

We ensure your child receives the best education possible in line with Islamic cultures and values.

Social Impact

We donate a portion of our sales to a charitable cause or organisation.


Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Seed planted for every book we sell.

Why Nurify Books?

Reviving the Prophetic Legacy – let us not forget the momentous revelation that reached billions of people across the world, the Quran.

It was the single most effective way of learning, imparting timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance. Yet, as the modern world evolves, we risk losing sight of this sacred tradition.

At Nurify Books, we are committed to reviving the prophetic legacy of learning through books. We believe in the power of personalised books to engage and inspire young minds. By infusing Islamic values and teachings into captivating stories tailored specifically to your child, we bring the joy of reading to life.

We’re launching our first book on Eid day!

29th June 2023

Introducing My First Prayer book – a truly special personalised Islamic children’s book that celebrates the joy and significance of a child’s first prayers.

My First Prayer not only introduces children to the concept of prayer but also provides a step-by-step guide, gently teaching them how to perform the fundamental Islamic prayers.

From the wudu (ablution) process to the specific movements and recitations, this book simplifies and explains each aspect in a child-friendly manner.

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