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Support our mission to create engaging and personalised Islamic children’s books!

By pledging your backing, you can help us create and publish books that will help your children, donate books to schools, and bring joyful learning to classrooms and homes across the world.

With your help, we can nurture a new generation of thoughtful, compassionate young Muslims.


Our mission is to nurture young minds by providing them with engaging stories that foster love for their faith, while promoting valuable life lessons and positive character development.
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Some reasons to support Personalised Islamic Books

  • Personalised Islamic books create a deep and meaningful connection between children and their faith, fostering a lifelong love for Islam.
  • By presenting Islamic values and teachings in a personalised and accessible format, these books help children internalize and apply these principles in their daily lives.
  • Personalised Islamic books provide relatable characters and stories that resonate with children, making complex concepts and teachings easier to understand and apply.
  • These books offer a sense of identity and belonging by featuring characters that resemble the child’s cultural and religious background.
  • Personalised Islamic books empower children, allowing them to see themselves as active participants in the story, encouraging a sense of ownership and pride in their faith.
  • By incorporating a child’s name, personalised books make the reading experience more engaging, capturing their attention and sparking their curiosity.
  • Personalised Islamic books promote family involvement & bonding, as families can read and discuss stories together, reinforcing values & deepening connections.
  • These books inspire a love for reading and learning in children, as they experience the joy of seeing themselves as the central character in stories that celebrate their faith.
  • Personalised Islamic books are cherished keepsakes, preserving memories of childhood and fostering a lifelong appreciation for the rich heritage of Islam.


Our project aims to create personalised Islamic books for children, ensuring that the beauty of Islam is accessible and relatable to young minds.

Without these books, there is a risk of losing the values and connections to our faith that are vital for our children’s spiritual growth.

As a thank you, the first 250 people to pledge, your name will be printed on the back page of a book of your choice.

You can purchase any of the pledges below either for yourself or on behalf of someone special!

Without your pledges, children will never benefit from our support!

Barakah Backer

Pledge £5 to receive our sincere appreciation as your support brings barakah.

Ihsan Investor

Pledge £20 and thanks to your ihsan we will gift you a 30% discount on a Nurify Book, making it more affordable to benefit from.

Rahmah Patron

Pledge £30 for your rahmah, you will be rewarded with an exclusive 50% discount on a Nurify Book, making the book very accessible.

Hidayah Hero

Pledge £50 and be our guiding hero and receive a Nurify Book entirely for free to support your child’s hidayah.

Nur Offer

Pledge £75 and you will receive our special Nur Offer of 1 free Nurify Book and a 50% discount on your 2nd book, spreading more light and joy.


Pledge £100 as a hadiyah and in return receive 2 free Nurify Books and a gift box as our token of gratitude.

Ummah Bundle

Pledge £250 and you will be gifted a bundle of 6 Nurify Books for your family or ummah to share.

Sadaqah Package

Pledge £500 and you will receive 12 Nurify Books as our thank you – share the light through books!

Who you will be helping?

There are over 3.4 million Muslims in the UK, making Islam the second largest religion.

However, only around 2% of mainstream children’s books in the UK contain Muslim characters.

A 2019 study found that of the 9,000+ children books published in the UK that year, only 1% featured Muslim characters, showing the lack of representation.

60% of Muslim parents surveyed feel there is a lack of Islamic books for their children that also engage them.

Over 80% of Muslim parents said they are concerned about lack of Islamic values and representation in mainstream school books.

Our Books Coming soon… With your support!

Stories of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Introducing our captivating range of books that illuminate the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), designed to engage and educate children while fulfilling the hadith “Teach your children three things: love of your Prophet, love of his family, and recitation of the Quran” (Sunan Ibn Majah)

Gifting Books

In line with the prophetic wisdom encapsulated in the hadith from Sahih Al-Bukhari, “Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another,” our books encourage the exchange of gifts to foster stronger bonds of affection and unity within the community.

Quran Stories for Kids

Designed to teach them about the prophets of Islam while instilling valuable wisdom and guidance. Inspired by the hadith “Narrate to them stories of their prophets, for truly, there is a piece of wisdom in every story” (Tirmidhi), each book transports young readers into the remarkable world of the prophets.

Islamic Values For Young Children

Rooted in the wisdom of the hadith, “All of you are shepherds and each of you is responsible for his flock” our books are designed to make learning about Islamic values easy and enjoyable for young readers, with vibrant illustrations and captivating narratives.

Pioneers Of Knowledge

Step into the world of Islamic scholarship with our captivating series, “Pioneers of Knowledge.” Each book in this collection highlights the extraordinary lives and contributions of renowned Islamic scholars who have shaped history and left an indelible impact on the intellectual and spiritual landscape of Islam.

Lifes Questions

Our range of personalised Islamic books explores profound questions that children often ponder. We aim to provide meaningful answers rooted in Islamic teachings. These books foster a deeper understanding of Allah’s plan, individual uniqueness, loss, adversity, and the power of special prayers (duas). 

Our Values

Statistically Proven

A personalised book is 40% more than engaging than a non personalised book.

High Quality

We ensure your child receives the best education possible in line with Islamic cultures and values.

Social Impact

We donate a portion of our sales to a charitable cause or organisation.


Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Seed planted for every book we sell.

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