Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) Miracle Night Journey

The Magical Night Journey; The Story of Al-Isra & Al-Miraj” is perfect for parents and educators seeking to introduce children to Islamic history and values through an engaging and magical story. This beautifully illustrated book not only entertains but also instills lessons of compassion, faith, and understanding in young minds.


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Who are Purpose Of Life?

Purpose of Life are a charity that have been operational in Palesting since 2014.

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We are a small business, and so we have to ensure that we balance the short term and long term ambitions, so with the help of donors, we can offer 200 Books for this campaign.

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What's the story?
The Magical Night Journey; The Story of Al-Isra & Al-Miraj" is a captivating children's book that blends a magical narrative with significant elements of Islamic history and theology. The story centers around your child who, through the magical Book of Power and the guide, the Power Pen, learns about the Prophet Muhammad's miraculous night journey (Al-Isra) and ascension to the heavens (Al-Miraj). This journey, a pivotal event in Islamic tradition, involves the Prophet's travel from Mecca to Jerusalem and his subsequent ascent through the seven heavens, meeting various prophets and ultimately speaking with Allah. Educationally, the book serves multiple purposes. It introduces young readers to key Islamic concepts and historical figures in an accessible and engaging manner. Through curiosity and the storytelling of Power Pen, children learn about the importance of faith, the significance of prophets in Islam, and the spiritual meaning behind the Prophet Muhammad's journey. The story of Al-Isra and Al-Miraj particularly emphasizes themes of devotion, spiritual enlightenment, and the miraculous nature of the Prophet's experiences. Additionally, the book encourages values like empathy, kindness, and understanding. The interactions between the child and the Power Pen, along with the depiction of the Prophet's compassionate and wise nature, teach children about respect, helping others, and seeking knowledge. The narrative format, combining elements of fantasy with real historical events, makes these lessons both enjoyable and memorable for young readers.
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What's Included?
When you purchase this book, you'll get access to extensive supplementary materials to extend your child's learning, comprehension and engagement.
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Each book is carefully created, and in order to ensure we always provide the highest quality attention to detail, orders can take up to 14 days. If you are looking for a gift and it is less than 14 days, we would advice not to order, as we would hate to be the reason that the child has not received a gift. However, it is the case that orders are often shipped with in 7 working days.
As a parent seeking to impart Islamic history and values to my child in an engaging and imaginative way, 'The Magical Night Journey' wonderfully brought to life these important teachings, captivating both my child's heart and mind.
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Some of the children that love reading books, where they are the hero!

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