Ibn Batutta: The Great Explorer

This interactive children’s book brings history to life through the epic travels of Ibn Battuta, sparking imagination and curiosity in kids as they journey across the world. Ideal for ages 5-10, it will inspire the next generation of explorers and foster a love of adventure, culture and learning.


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Add a child’s name: This will proudly appear on the front cover and throughout the story.
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What's the story?
This imaginative story follows the real-life travels of 14th century explorer Ibn Battuta as he journeys across North Africa, the Middle East, India, China and beyond. Children join Ibn Battuta in exploring the sights, sounds and cultures of the medieval Islamic world. Vivid descriptions and illustrations bring this epic adventure to life. The book has many educational benefits for kids ages 5-10: - Teaches children about the history and achievements of the medieval Muslim world through an engaging narrative. - Introduces geography by tracing Ibn Battuta's routes across continents. Kids learn about different places and their significance. - Promotes cultural appreciation and empathy by depicting details of daily life in diverse civilizations that Ibn Battuta encountered. - Develops reading comprehension through an immersive storytelling format. Engages kids with activities, discussions and retention questions. - Sparks imagination and curiosity about the wider world beyond a child's immediate surroundings. Fosters a spirit of exploration and discovery. - Entertains with a compelling plotline full of adventure and new experiences that excite young readers about history and global culture.
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Paperback, Hardback

What's Included?
When you purchase The Incredible Travels of Ibn Battuta book, you'll get access to extensive supplementary materials to extend your child's learning, comprehension and engagement.
How long does it take to make?
Each book is carefully created, and in order to ensure we always provide the highest quality attention to detail, orders can take up to 14 days. If you are looking for a gift and it is less than 14 days, we would advice not to order, as we would hate to be the reason that the child has not received a gift. However, it is the case that orders are often shipped with in 7 working days.
"My daughter absolutely loved journeying with Ibn Battuta in this book - it really brought history to life for her and sparked an excitement to learn more about the world!"
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