Introducing our captivating range of Islamic books for children, designed to teach them about the prophets of Islam while instilling valuable wisdom and guidance. Inspired by the hadith “Narrate to them stories of their prophets, for truly, there is a piece of wisdom in every story” (Tirmidhi), each book transports young readers into the remarkable world of the prophets.

These books transport young readers into the remarkable world of the prophets. From a journey on the ark of Prophet Nuh (A.S) to trust in the story of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S), the miracles of Prophet Musa (A.S) and Prophet Isa (A.S), the captivating tale of Prophet Yusuf (A.S), and the witness of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) journey to the Kaaba, these stories immerse children in the lives and lessons of the prophets.

They ignite a love for Islamic knowledge and instill invaluable values such as faith, trust, patience, and compassion, offering young minds a deep understanding of the prophets’ roles and the divine wisdom that permeates their narratives.

The first book in the series, is the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S), you can make a pledge below, and the book with the most pledges is what we work on next InshAllah.

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