The Magical Quran

“Your Child and the Magical Quran” is a captivating children’s tale tailored for young Muslim families eager to introduce the essence of the Quran to their little ones. Through enchanting storytelling and interactive activities, this book fosters a deep connection to Islamic teachings, nurturing both imagination and foundational knowledge in young hearts.


How is the book personalised?
Add a child’s name: This will proudly appear on the front cover and throughout the story.
Choose their character: Select their gender, then choose from a selection of natural hair and skin tone options. Choose from over 1,000 character options to create your child-like character.
Write a loving dedication: We’ll print it on the first page for free.
Upload a memorable photo: Make it extra-special and upload a photo that brings back memories.
What's the story?
"Your Child and the Magical Quran" is a heartwarming tale that introduces young readers to the significance of the Quran in a manner tailored for their age. Through your child’s imaginative journey, children are gently acquainted with the Quran's central themes of guidance, kindness, and the wonders of creation. The narrative is structured to emphasize the Quran's role as a source of wisdom and a beacon of light in our lives. Educationally, the book serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it familiarizes children with the concept of the Quran, ensuring they view it as a cherished and essential part of their lives. The repetitive mention of the child's name throughout the story fosters a personal connection, making the teachings more relatable and memorable. Moreover, the story's playful rhymes and engaging scenarios aid in language development, enhancing vocabulary and comprehension skills. By integrating foundational Islamic teachings with a captivating narrative, the book ensures that children not only enjoy the story but also internalize its valuable lessons. The inclusion of comprehension questions, relatable stories, and interactive activities further cements the book's educational value, making it a holistic learning experience for young minds.
Size and Quality

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 2 cm
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Paperback, Hardback

What's Included?
“Your Child and the Magical Quran" is more than just a delightful tale; it's an immersive learning experience. When you purchase this book, you're not only getting a beautifully illustrated story but also a treasure trove of interactive elements designed to enhance your child's understanding and engagement. Each book comes with a unique QR code that, when scanned, unlocks a world of interactive features. Dive into comprehension questions that test and reinforce your child's grasp of the story, engage in hands-on activities that bring the book's message to life, and explore relatable stories that connect the teachings of the book to real-world scenarios. This multi-dimensional approach ensures that your child not only enjoys the narrative but also internalizes its profound lessons. With "Your Child and the Magical Quran", every reading is a journey of discovery, making it a cherished addition to your child's library.
How long does it take to make?
Each book is carefully created, and in order to ensure we always provide the highest quality attention to detail, orders can take up to 14 days. If you are looking for a gift and it is less than 14 days, we would advice not to order, as we would hate to be the reason that the child has not received a gift. However, it is the case that orders are often shipped with in 7 working days.
"As a parent seeking to introduce my child to the beauty of the Quran, 'The Magical Quran' was the perfect blend of captivating storytelling and foundational teachings, making it an instant favourite in our home!"
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Write a hearwarming dedication

To make it memorable, you can write a dedication for the special child, something that the child can reflect on for years to come.

Upload a memorable image

Photos are great memory pegs, so why upload a memorable photo that you can look back at in the future.

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Some of the children that love reading books, where they are the hero!

Our Values

Statistically Proven

A personalised book is 40% more than engaging than a non personalised book.

High Quality

We ensure your child receives the best education possible in line with Islamic cultures and values.

Social Impact

We donate a portion of our sales to a charitable cause or organisation.


Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Seed planted for every book we sell.


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