My First Prayer

Let your child discover the gift of prayer, introducing them to the little rituals that connect their hearts to Islam. This personalised book is filled with love and connections to Allah, building the foundations they need for prayer.


How is the book personalised?
Add a child’s name: This will proudly appear on the front cover and throughout the story.
Choose their character: Select their gender, then choose from a selection of natural hair and skin tone options. Choose from over 1,000 character options to create your child-like character.
Write a loving dedication: We’ll print it on the first page for free.
Upload a memorable photo: Make it extra-special and upload a photo that brings back memories.
What's the story?
"My First Prayer" is a captivating and educational Islamic children's book that introduces young readers to the essence and significance of prayer. Through its engaging storytelling, vibrant illustrations, and personalised elements, the book aims to teach children aged 0-5 years about the rituals and spiritual connection associated with prayer. This enchanting book guides children on a journey of discovery, teaching them step by step about wudu (ablution), the actions and recitations of prayer, and the profound impact it has on their daily lives. With a focus on values such as gratitude, kindness, and connection with Allah, "My First Prayer" fosters a deep understanding of Islamic teachings and promotes the development of a strong foundation of faith. The book's educational value extends beyond the basic understanding of prayer. It instills in children a sense of love and reverence for Allah, cultivating values that are fundamental to Islam. By engaging children in a joyful exploration of prayer, the book not only imparts knowledge but also encourages a meaningful connection with their spirituality from an early age. Through "My First Prayer," children learn that prayer is not just a routine, but a powerful tool to seek solace, guidance, and a sense of peace. The book's educational value lies in its ability to inspire children to embrace prayer as a personal and transformative experience, promoting a lifelong commitment to faith and values rooted in Islam.
Size and Quality

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 2 cm
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Paperback, Hardback

What's Included?
With the purchase of "My First Prayer," you receive exciting bonus materials to enhance your child's learning experience. Alongside the personalised book, you gain access to a variety of valuable resources, including comprehension questions that test your child's understanding of the story, a relatable story that reinforces the book's teachings in daily life, frequently asked questions with answers to address common curiosities, and an engaging activity that promotes hands-on learning and further exploration of the book's message. These complimentary additions provide a comprehensive package that enriches your child's educational journey and ensures a memorable and interactive reading experience.
How long does it take to make?
Each book is carefully created, and in order to ensure we always provide the highest quality attention to detail, orders can take up to 14 days. If you are looking for a gift and it is less than 14 days, we would advice not to order, as we would hate to be the reason that the child has not received a gift. However, it is the case that orders are often shipped with in 7 working days.
"My First Prayer is an enchanting and personalised Islamic children's book that beautifully introduces the joy of prayer and cultivates a deep connection to Allah, making it a must-have for nurturing a child's faith and fostering values of love and gratitude."
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Some of the children that love reading books, where they are the hero!

Our Values

Statistically Proven

A personalised book is 40% more than engaging than a non personalised book.

High Quality

We ensure your child receives the best education possible in line with Islamic cultures and values.

Social Impact

We donate a portion of our sales to a charitable cause or organisation.


Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Seed planted for every book we sell.


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